"Adam is a great photographer. He's easy to get along with, easy to work with and the models love him. He's a consummate professional, which is the reason why I chose to work with him.

I highly recommend Adam for all types of work...lingerie, glamor, bikini. No matter what you expect, Adam always gives you more. And for that, I'm greatful that I had the opportunity to work with him.

Great job Adam! The work you provided for Bonita Magazine was by far the best so far. I've had the pleasure to work with several well known photographers and they even commented on how well your work is done."

Robert Garcia Publisher & Editor-in-Chief Bonita Magazine

"Hi Adam,

When you first came to my booth at the Trade Show, I looked at you and I saw that you were a nice guy & but I already was using a photographer. I wasn t completely happy but I was skeptical of making a change. To be honest, to me you were just another photographer trying to make a living and get some customers. Somehow you e-mailed me and continued to e-mail me. So I looked at your work on-line and I was impressed.

When it came time for my photo shoot, I wanted to give you a chance.

We did the photo shoot with you, and I was happy that I took a chance with you.

If I was your teacher I would grade you Excellent.

You are professional
You care about your work
You make sure of every detail
You take your work seriously
You are helpful in finding Models, Make-up Artist and all the little details
You put in your best effort and input
You pay attention while you shoot to all the little details
You don t rush just to do the job and get it over with
Your attitude and your work ethics are pleasant

It was a pleasure to work with you & Looking forward to the next photo shoot."

Rickie Cohen, Owner/President, Sexy in Miami

"I am so happy my company hired Adam Glickfield Photography for our lingerie photo shoot. Our product images came out looking fantastic and were exactly what we wanted. I also enjoyed the professional and helpful service he provided from start to finish, his full service approach and flexible style made our project effortless. He took care of everything from choosing a model to make-up! My company will be hiring his talents in the near future for sure."

Sacha Dolsen, Spirite Industries, Inc.
Marketing Manager / Brand Manager

"We have used Adam as our photographer for a couple years for the artwork for our website and catalog. We have productive days with few glitches. He has a flair for artistic touches to the photographs, which we would not imagine ourselves."

Blieu Foster, Vice President, SolarTanThruSuits.com

"This is the first time I have worked with Adam. I was very pleased with the models, hair & make-up, and the images. There were a wide variety of poses, which make my product stand out. For the past 12 years I have always been present at my photoshoots. Since I was unable to be on location, Adam offered suggestions to make the shoot run smoothly. He also gave me some pointers on editing which was extremely helpful. He also went out of his way to find a larger sized model for one of my lines. Adam is very easy to work with, and very professional.

I am looking forward to working with him in the future."

Penny Dombrowski
Owner LA Kiss Designs and Blue Orchid Exoticwear

"This was great shooting with Adam! Well organized, he had everything prepared as far as material which made things easy.

It s been the 2nd time we work together and will again. See pics and catalogues we shot together and enjoy!!!!"

Nicolas Attard
CEO/Founder, Oh La La Cheri & O Sexy Lingerie